I have been working in the graphic design business since the mid 1980's when the very first Apple Mac computers emerged in the UK. Back then you were pleased to have 1MB of RAM and an 800K floppy disk!

I have surfed the waves of developments in the industry being involved in all kinds of design projects. Today is a designers paradise with the incredible design tools available and this means that all dreams can come true - and at a fairly reasonable price.

I was a natural graphic designer from a young age and progressed to Art School in Central London in 1982/3. Upon leaving I was invited to work for a number of print companies and eventually became a manager of a large London Publishing Bureau. That's when the colour Mac II's appeared and changed everything in the print and publishing world. I keep up to date with the state-of-the-art tech and software.

Since 1998 Turnham Design has been serving a host of business and private clients supplying solutions that work for them. Ranging from small individual entrepreneurs to multi-million corporate businesses that serve global markets.

I can consult on any project you are planning from website to presentation and every stop in between.


Please contact for free advice and quote on any design project.


Thank you.